The new website aims Fishing Grauvell be a link between the lovers and professional fishermen. We want to welcome and invited to meet our updated page with multiple tools and sections. Grauvell opens its borders to a world full of possibilities. We renew online, and we do as always… to our loyal fans, shoppers, authorised dealers and users.

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New from cuts of reels. See in detail the components of our articles. Available now in section SOCIAL MEDIA > DOWNLOADS .


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Prepare to discover a limitless entertainment experience. The team ‘s go fishing, brings the world of fishing through various proposals and adventures. Now available on our YouTube channel.


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Our aim is to offer all anglers the finest quality equipment that will be treasured and enjoyed, year after year. Our products have been designed and crafted for fanatical anglers the world over, whatever their preferred kind of fishing and practical level may be. We are involved with International Competition Fishing for more than twenty years. Our teams include, Spanish World Champion Boat Fishing Team, World Surf Casting Champion, French Trout Fishing Champion. Our thanks goes out not only to the champions, but also to all anglers who rely on our products and trust our quality and performance.

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Grauvell Tottori

Grauvell Tottori

The lightness, sensitivity and accuracy, will not conflict with force. A fishing pole float minimum weight, low ground sensitive, you can fight a large predator. The Japanese pleasure of fishing for fish and enjoy the battle. 
Teklon Micra

Teklon Micra

Another small body with giant spirit. Ideal for single precision float fishing or light spinning and rock fishing.


Jinza Braidspin

Jinza Braidspin

The new polyamide twisted wires are not all equal. Increasingly resistance is achieved with less diameter. The yellow color is high visibility needed for rock fishing and spinning.


Vorteks Onyx

Vorteks Onyx

A strong reel with ball stainless steel, uncrowned, with endless screw and brake power of 12 kg, can be equally attractive exterior, having a coil large aluminum released, a lightweight body constructed of graphite and a nice handle to touch. To fight with a big tent comfortably.


Kona kaula

Cebos Kona

Artificial baits Kona and craft are designed and tested by Hawaiian Aloha Bob teacher. The heads are made of resin and rubber skirts treated. In its packaging trolling speed for proper swimming is suggested and to create the proper drive. The color acts as light, so dark colors are recommended in gray or bright sunny days days.


Vertix Inspire

Vertix Inspire

Ask the fishermen surf casting! The low rider banding and toe make this attractive mixed surf rod, a gem to throw and feel the ground. It is constructed in high modulus carbon has a spectacular action…


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      Grauvell Ambassadors

      “Grauvell is joy , satisfaction, team, people… Fishing without worrying about the material, knowing that it will be at the height of my shots. Fishing is my life, and Grauvell makes everything easier. Grauvell is fishing !! The team behind this brand is awesome.” 
      Juan Salas, Valencia
      “I’m super happy fishing with these materials because they’re going very well and I could work, that ‘s what I want. In the new, I have the Teklon Surf One and took many years of testing and how it no reeds. I recommend 100 × 100. Grauvell is a serious and formal and I’m super proud to be part of this big family.” 
      Francisco -Espinete-, Almería

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