About us.

Created in Andorra in 1966, GRAUVELL is a brand originally specialized in products for sea fishing techniques.


Hereinafter... ...there are no excuses.

It doesn't matter if the sun hasn't risen. If the cold shakes you, or if the landscape continues to sleep under your feet. None of that matters anymore. It doesn't matter if you are far or near. No matter the doubts, nor the obstacles.

No way. Of course: You must be patient And guide you by your senses. You must remember everything you have learned. Constantly looking for what makes you feel alive. You may still make mistakes; you may sometimes forget where you come from. Who are you; or why are you here.

But only if you believe in yourself ...the cold will become routine. The landscape, in a refuge. And the distance will only increase your desire. The sacrifices will become your best memories. And wrath...in glory. Don't ask why. Don't try to figure out what makes it so special. Just live it.

No conditions or exceptions.

And above all... ...never forget where you came from. Never forget who you are.

Distribution and sale

If you have a store or commercial establishment or you are a businessman interested in distributing our products to Europe. Contact us. We have excellent business conditions.