Teklon Mínimo S-115 - Grauvell
The MINIMO S-115 duck was born from two different ideas: fishing in small canals and ponds where a large duck is not practical, and satisfying the fisherman who likes to go out with the right and necessary material on any water surface or fishing area. It is a model reduced in size but very large in performance! Its length of 115 cm and beam of 109 cm that give it a safe navigation, and makes it very stable with a float diameter of 91 cm. On the other hand, these measures mean that you can transport it to your fishing area swollen inside your vehicle. The height of your seat is 13 cm which will give you a perfect view over the water. It comes equipped with a front grill where you can easily handle your tackle and catch; and it is equipped with two huge side pockets in which you can carry your lures, cameras, and drinks and food.
•Length 115 cm, beam 109 cm.
•Diameter of the floats 91 cm.
•Handmade with 0.9 mm double layer PVC, and 1000 deniers polyester.
•Great resistance to abrasion and hermetic properties.
•Two independent chambers in the main float, with safety valves.
•13 cm thick seat
•Front grill with scale to measure your catches.
•Large side pockets 45x16x23 cm
•Includes inflation pump + repair kit, and transport bag
•Weight 7.5kg
•Maximum load 100 kg

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